We The Peeps: USMNT World Cup Soccer Podcast

Supporting the OK U GO foundation for World Cup 2022!

Supporting the OK U GO foundation for World Cup 2022!

We The Peeps is about more than just soccer. We believe America should have a thriving soccer culture, but that can‘t happen if our society as a whole is broken.

The OK U GO foundation – founded by legendary pro Amobi Okugo – is leading the kinds of change we want to be a part of, using soccer as a part of their methodology. Their mission is “to help black and brown youth tap into their excellence and empower them to be self-sufficient and pursue opportunities that can create financial stability for their future.” DOPE SHIT!!

They do this by running ⚽️ clinics that teach health and wellness principles and by providing mentorship and financial literacy training. Now, they are starting an after-school program in Sacramento next year, and they need help to make it happen.

During the World Cup, we will not be promoting our Patreon or asking our listeners to tell more friends about the show. Instead, dear WTP community, we ask that you support the OK U Go foundation make their after-school program happen by...


Please contribute on their website!

If you donate during the group stage, your gift will be DOUBLED! Ty‘s company Cantilever has agreed to provide a matching grant of up to $1,000 on all donations through December 2.


If you have a skill like writing, web design, music or video editing, and would like to contribute your time to help the foundation, please contact OK U GO and let them know you are a part of the WTP community. Anything helps!

With our help, OK U GO can serve more kids. Let‘s turn the energy and excitement of this World Cup into lasting change 💪