• Clayton Fujimura

    Clayton Fujimura has hosted 23 episodes.

    Clayton Fujimura is a Seattle-based rapper and electronic musician. Even though he has a lifelong love of soccer, he only became a serious USMNT fan after the 2014 World Cup. Clayton loves the tactical side of the game, but also the humor inherent in 22 grown men kicking a ball around and taking it seriously.


  • Ty Fujimura

    Ty Fujimura has hosted 23 episodes.

    Ty is a web designer and developer and the founder of Cantilever, a five-person agency building websites for companies of all sizes and industries. He was primarily a baseball and football fan until college, when the FIFA video game grew to consume his every waking thought. Now a father of two, he has no time left for sports – except the Nats!